The Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute of Utica College is a unique organization of professionals and academics that provides thought leadership on economic crime and cybersecurity issues faced by business and government.  The Institute is a “center of excellence” at Utica College that provides and supports leading-edge thinking through educational programs, policy guidance and solutions, research, and publications.  The Institute’s dynamic leadership and innovative ideas are drawn from the members of its Board of Advisors, forward thinking executives who are experts in the prevention, detection, and investigation of economic crime and fraud, and cybercrime.  In addition, it is the Board of Advisors that provides philanthropic support and guidance on education efforts to the Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute.

ECCI Tweets

The NW3C will be conducting #training for #lawenforcement in the ECJSC Auditorium Jan 6-8 on "Identifying and Seizing Electronic Evidence."
- Sunday Jan 5 - 2:40pm

RT @TheACFE: When Bitcoins Go Bad: 4 stories of fraud, hacking and digital currencies
- Sunday Dec 1 - 5:05am


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