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Month: June 2013

Guccifer hacks U.S. nuclear security agency chief

(Help Net Security) The hacker that goes by the online moniker “Guccifer” continues his crusade agains U.S. current and former government officials, and his latest victim is Neile Miller, acting administrator of the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration. Miller was named principal deputy administrator of the NNSA in 2010 and has become the acting administrator…
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USB Malware

(Infosec Institute) In this article the author, c0d3inj3cT, looks at malware that propagate to other machines using USB removable devices. Unlike most malware which make use of vulnerable Network Services to spread to other machines in the network, these malware are specifically designed to infect USB removable devices. c0d3inj3cT discusses in depth the methods used by…
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While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online

(Reuters) – While working for U.S. intelligence agencies, Edward Snowden had another secret identity: an online commentator who anonymously railed against citizen surveillance and corporate greed. Throughout the eight years that Snowden worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency contractors, he posted hundreds of messages on a public Internet forum under a…
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FDA calls on manufacturers, hospitals to better protect medical devices

(SC Magazine) The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday warned medical professionals to implement practices that will safeguard computer-embedded health care devices from attack. “Many medical devices contain configurable embedded computer systems that can be vulnerable to cyber security breaches,” the advisory said. “In addition, as medical devices are increasingly interconnected, via the internet,…
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Lawyers Can’t Use DMV Records to Solicit Clients

(CN) – Lawyers cannot use confidential information from state motor vehicle records to solicit clients, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 5-4 opinion. The high court reversed the 4th Circuit’s ruling for a group of South Carolina lawyers who used data gleaned from Department of Motor Vehicle records to target potential plaintiffs for lawsuits…
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Purdue Students Accused of Hacking into Professors’ Accounts to Change Grades

(Softpedia) Three Purdue University students have been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after the educational institution discovered that they hacked into their professors’ accounts to change their grades. Two of them – Mitsutoshi Shirasaki, an aeronautics and astronautics major from Japan, and Sujay Sharma, a nuclear engineering major – were seniors at the university…
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Does encryption really shield you from government’s prying eyes?

IDG News Service – If you’re thinking about encrypting email in light of revelations about U.S. government spying, you may be wasting your time. Recent leaks about surveillance efforts by the secretive National Security Agency have sparked a wide range of questions during the last week over online privacy, or lack thereof, as well as…
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Yahoo, Bing Found Directing to Bitcoin Phishing Site

(Threatpost) It looks like phishers have started poisoning Bing and Yahoo search results in hopes of duping users of the Bitcoin exchange site MtGox.com into giving away their log-in credentials. KrebsonSecurity.com reported that both the search engines have been redirecting unsuspecting clickers to MtPox.com – a domain set up two days ago that looks almost…
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Missing Florida Attorney’s Firm Sued for $600,000

WEST PALM BEACH (CN) – A disbarred Florida attorney who went missing with millions of dollars of clients’ escrow money owes more than $600,000 for kick-boxing shoes, a manufacturer claims in court. Golden Pacific LXJ sued Ringstar and McCabe & Samiljan, in Palm Beach County Court. Timothy McCabe’s company Ringstar makes kickboxing shoes. It’s the…
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Another Huge Cash-Out Scheme Revealed

(Bank Info Security) Federal authorities have charged eight suspects in yet another ATM cash-out and cybercrime scheme that involved online account takeovers and prepaid card compromises. So far, four arrests have been made in the case, which also involved fraudulent ATM withdrawals and wire transfers to overseas accounts, as well as identity theft, in some…
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