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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

November marks Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. Critical infrastructures including the energy, water, and transportation sectors play a vital role in the American way of life. Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month has a purpose of building awareness and understanding of the importance of critical infrastructure, and ensuring that our communities remain safe and…
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Photo Forensics: Photoshop Manipulation

Entry Level Analysis is defined as a forensic method for identifying parts of an image with a different level of compression, to identify whether or not a picture has been digitally modified. The linked article lists main methods that are used for the picture analysis, free and readily available forensic tools, and different techniques used…
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Watch Out China, Here Comes Indonesia

Cyber attacks are constantly on the rise, and recent reports have shown that China is not the top country to blame. In the second quarter, Indonesia accounted for 38 percent of cyber attacks (a 21 percent increase from the first quarter), and China came in behind Indonesia, being held accountable for 33 percent of cyber…
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The Insider Threat, Is the Biggest Threat

Internal threats are, and will continue to be the biggest threats brought upon an organization (in terms of data security and privacy). According to a recent study, only 42 percent of the North American and European small and midsize business workforce surveyed had received training in regards to how to remain secure at work. Organizations…
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Virus That Locks Your Files & Demands Bitcoin Ransom

Over the past few months, the CryptoLocker virus has infiltrated many computers world wide. This particular virus installs itself in a user’s “Documents and Settings” folder, proceeds to scan the hard drive for various file types and then encrypts them. After the virus encrypts the designated documents, a ransom is demanded with a designated period…
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Hack Attacks

Anti-malware researchers have identified seven techniques that hackers use to prey on “easy dupes,” and rip off even the savviest users. Malware and hackers are stealthy and conniving; exploiting laziness, lapses in judgement, or plain idiocy. Read the full article to read up on these seven techniques.

Fabricated Fingerprints for iPhone 5S

German researchers have already cracked the fingerprint ID scanner within the new iPhone 5S. Using a fabricated fingerprint from a photo of a print, the security weaknesses of a fingerprint scanner were exploited once again. Biometrics is not always the realistic answer when looking to secure a device on a day-to-day basis. Check out the…
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Japan to Crack Down on Money Laundering

(WJS) The $250 million fine levied against Japan’s biggest banking group by New York’s financial regulator comes at a time when the nation is trying to improve its lackluster track record over cracking down on money laundering and related crimes. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ agreed on Thursday to pay the fine for its involvement…
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US agents make Mexican drug, money laundering arrests in Texas

(Reuters) – Federal agents arrested 25 people on Thursday in a drug and money laundering probe targeting a prison gang with ties to a Mexican drug cartel that allegedly smuggled drugs across south Texas. The FBI and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration said the four-year probe into the Texas Mexican Mafia netted 25 members and associates…
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M&T to iron out money-laundering compliance issues

(Biz Journals) M&T Bank has 60 days to fix its anti-money laundering compliance program, according to a newly released written agreement between the Buffalo bank and the Federal Reserve. The June 17 agreement lays out several provisions the bank must meet in order to satisfy the Fed’s concerns, which came to light in April as…
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