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Month: November 2013

Is Prevention Better Than A Cure?

Cyber crimes in regards to online banking have grown tremendously. With methods of attack becoming more sophisticated as time passes, phishing and malware-based attacks have become prominent in online banking due to the increased use by consumers. McAfee has reported that in Q2 2013, the U.S. is the most targeted in regards to phishing attacks.…
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Italian Couples Getting ‘Quickie Divorces’

Recently, Britain’s top family judge has canceled 180 divorces, after the allegations that the UK courts have underwent a large fraud; Italian couples sought quick endings to their marriages. The Italian couples have presumed fake British residencies in order to use the UK justice system to perform a divorce. It is illegal to use a…
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The Impact of Cybercrime

Recent studies have been completed on the evolution of principal cyber threats in the security landscape. Security firms have provided estimations of the annual monetary losses suffered by their clients, due to re-occuring cyber crimes. Cyber crimes seem to be influenced by national laws, and the pressure of local law enforcement agencies. Within the linked…
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Special Education Program Contractor Charged With Fraud

Cheon Park, 46, of Manhasset, N.Y., ran preschool programs for students with developmental disabilities. Parks allegedly inflated the amount of money paid to several employees and contractors, and worked to increase the amount of public money that the company received. In return, Mr. Park diverted that increased money flow right to his bank accounts. Click…
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Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month

November marks Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month. Critical infrastructures including the energy, water, and transportation sectors play a vital role in the American way of life. Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month has a purpose of building awareness and understanding of the importance of critical infrastructure, and ensuring that our communities remain safe and…
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Photo Forensics: Photoshop Manipulation

Entry Level Analysis is defined as a forensic method for identifying parts of an image with a different level of compression, to identify whether or not a picture has been digitally modified. The linked article lists main methods that are used for the picture analysis, free and readily available forensic tools, and different techniques used…
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Ways to Safeguard Sensitive Data

Although we hear about many fraud cases and data breaches today, many organizations are not taking necessary precautions to safeguard their data. It is vital for organizations to take proactive steps to protect themselves from data breaches. Follow these seven ways to safeguard your sensitive, provided by the ACFE.

Who Are the Crooks Behind Identity Theft?

Today, criminals are becoming more sophisticated and creative in ways to commit identity theft. Identity theft is increasing 15-20% every year, and every one of us can be a victim. Read the attached article¬†to learn more about the three main crooks behind identity theft; the public wifi predator, hi-tech heinous hacker, and the dumpster diving…
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Fraud Awareness Week

November 3-9 is Fraud Awareness Week; a week dedicated to fraud awareness, detection, and prevention. ACFE has conducted a survey, and concluded that organizations around the world lose 5 percent of their annual revenues to fraud. For more updates and fraud detection and prevention techniques, read more about Fraud Awareness Week here, and follow the…
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