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Month: December 2013

The Worsening Threat

In February, online protection firm Iovation determined the top continents that were victims of online fraud during 2012. ACFE founder and Chairman Dr. Joseph T. Wells, discussed the cyber crime threat by mentioning that small businesses have been increasingly made a target. Large organizations often implement stronger controls to protect against cyber attack. Small businesses…
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Do You Know Which Sites Properly Encrypt Your Data?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has recently created a chart of well-known companies, that reveals who’s doing encryption well, and who is not. The EFF compared companies such as Apple, Amazon, Dropbox, and Google. Surprisingly, a company such as Microsoft doesn’t encrypt your information as much as one would think. View the full chart here.

Tech Firms Behind

A recent study has shown that technology businesses are not as near protected from cyberattack than financial companies, and the energy and retail sectors are. The study was based on security risk rating systems of technology businesses; factors such a data breaches and levels of spam were taken into consideration. Although financial institutions are the…
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A Darker Way to Earn Money

One of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to gain money today is called e-whoring. E-whoring is the practice of selling pornographic material, while pretending to be the person who is photographed. Technically speaking, E-whoring is considered to be a form of social engineering, because the victim is tricked into believing that he/she is exchanging material…
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Busting Bitcoin Fraud

Anti-fraud professionals have been taking special interest in Bitcoins, and how to prevent financial crimes in which Bitcoins are involved (theft, price manipulation, Ponzi schemes, etc). Bitcoin is an online currency that uses cryptography to authenticate transactions between users. Bitcoin is decentralized, which means that globally, users are running Bitcoin software on their devices from…
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Philo Testifies on Cyber

Raymond Philo gave a testimony at the public hearing, “Cybersecurity: Defending New York from cyber attacks,” that took place at the Griffiss Institute in Rome, NY. Philo touched on many cybersecurity topics that are troubling to New York, as well as the nation. Read the full press release┬áhere.