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Board of Advisors’ Role

The Role of Members of the Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors meets twice each year, in April and in October, the latter meeting in conjunction with and at the site of the annual conference.  Each meeting is preceded by a dinner the evening before the business meeting.  Business meetings typically last 4-5 hours.  Members of the Board of Advisors are invited and selected by virtue of their ability to provide thought leadership and support to the mission, goals, and activities of the Institute.

Thought Leadership

  • Curriculum Development/Engagement.  Provides valuable input to faculty on ECI curriculum development and assessment.  Participation with the faculty in guest lectures, mock interviews, seminars and similar events for undergraduate and graduate students in Economic Crime, Cybersecurity, and Criminal Justice Programs of Utica College.
  • ECI Conference.  Participation as a speaker at the Institute’s annual conference, or as a member of the Board’s Conference Program Committee.
  • Industry Expert.  Author an article, or recruit individuals to submit articles, for publication in our online journals.  Serves as a “third reader,” on a graduate student’s thesis or professional project.
  • Faculty Recruitment.  Assisting in the recruitment of exceptional professionals to serve as prospective faculty members, both full and part-time.

An important role of the Institute’s Board of Advisors is to provide both financial and non-financial support.  This can be accomplished either personally or through your organization.  As the Institute is part of Utica College, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization, financial support and gifts in kind are all considered tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  Many organizations will also match donations to charitable organizations.  These matches are often dollar for dollar, which doubles your charitable donation.

Financial and Non-Financial Support

Financial and non-financial support to the Economic Crime Institute of Utica College can be provided in any of the following forms:

Annual Conference Sponsorships.  In the recent past, there have been three levels of sponsorship: $10,000, $5,000, and $2,500.  There are three specific needs to be met by sponsorship: (1) The Institute historically has underwritten the cost of all but the hotel lodging and travel expenses for campus undergraduate students, usually 30 in number, to attend the conference; (2) To cover those conference costs not otherwise covered by conference attendees; and (3) To sustain the activities of the Institute over the year, including a stipend for the Executive Director and approved staff, the web maintenance costs for the Institute website, and special projects that arise from time to time, such as the establishment of an account for an executive seminar program.

Hosting Board of Advisors Meetings.  Hosting the April meeting, or the October meeting held in conjunction with the ECI Conference.  This typically involves all associated expenses including, but not limited to, meals and facility costs.

Corporate and Foundation Support.  Board of Advisors can play a key role in helping to identify corporate and foundation support available to invest in our students and programs.  Utica College’s Advancement Office is available to assist in the assessment of opportunities for collaboration.

In-kind Products and Services.  For example, software products, that support the research or educational opportunities of faculty and economic crime students.

Undergraduate Internship Opportunities.  Some organizations and agencies have the ability to provide internships for undergraduates in the various economic crime programs.

Identification of Potential Advisory Board MembersBoard of Advisors can play a key role in recommending Board candidates to help support and achieve the Institute’s vision, priorities, and goals.

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