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Bank accounts of several Mumbai policemen hacked

Mumbai (NDTV)  A total of 29 Axis Bank accounts, including those of Mumbai police officials, have been hacked. Around 12-14 of these were held by policemen.

Some of the policemen in the city had received text messages on their phones that cash has been withdrawn from their accounts with the Axis account in euro currency, they said.

A total of Rs. 13 lakh, in Euros, were withdrawn through ATMs in Greece from the 29 accounts, police said today.

The accounts were hacked during April and May, police said, adding that the Axis Bank had contacted Mumbai police and informed that they had set up a committee to probe the matter…read full article

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  1. There should be 2 way authentication for ATM transactions which will be completed only after you reply to sms or phone call. Many banks are implementing 2 way authentication to prevent such events.

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