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Malicious email that recipient is on “Prism watchlist” linked to just-uncovered espionage campaign

(SC Magazine) The group behind the “NetTraveler” espionage malware campaign is now sending emails claiming the recipient is on the “Prism” watch list, according to researchers.

Prism is a recently outed U.S. surveillance program run by the National Security Agency that collects data from internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

On Tuesday, the 9b+ blog, run by security engineer Brandon Dixon, reported that a malware-laden phishing email recently was added to VirusTotal. It was sent with the subject “CIA’s prism Watchlist” and contained a malicious Microsoft Word document titled “Monitored List 1.doc,” which takes advantage of a Windows Common Controls vulnerability that was patched in April 2012…read full article

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