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Poll: Most Americans not worried about gov’t phone tracking

(Ars Technica) The Pew Research Center, which has a history of surveying the American public about its views on the media, has a new poll out suggesting that to many folks, the NSA leaks scandal doesn’t look like much of a scandal.

The poll, co-sponsored by The Washington Post, surveyed 1,004 adults over the weekend and found that more than half of them, 56 percent, felt the NSA’s dragnet collection of telephone metadata was “acceptable.” Another 41 percent said it was unacceptable, and 2 percent were undecided.

Fully 45 percent of Americans believe the government should “be able to monitor everyone’s email to prevent possible terrorism.” That’s exactly the same percentage that Pew found when it asked the same question 11 years ago, less than one year after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Today, 52 percent said universal email monitoring would be unacceptable, versus 47 percent who believed it was unacceptable in 2002…read full article

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