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Microsoft says it freed millions of computers from criminal botnet

(Reuters) – Microsoft Corp said that an assault it led earlier this month on one of the world’s biggest cyber crime rings has freed at least 2 million PCs infected with a virus believed to have been used to steal more than $500 million from bank accounts worldwide. “We definitely have liberated at least 2…
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Was Microsoft’s takedown of Citadel effective?

(Naked Security) by James Wyke – As we mentioned last week, Microsoft recently fought back against more than 1,400 Citadel botnets by sinkholing their Command and Control (C&C) infrastructure. SophosLabs has been monitoring Citadel for some time, including individual botnets such as those targeting Canadian institutions, so I decided to take a closer look at…
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Under draft bill, EU wants to raise jail time for hackers, botnet operators

(Ars Technica) On Thursday, a European Parliament committee approved a new draft directive (PDF) that would, among other things, require European Union member states to step up criminal penalties for hacking, botnets, and other digital malfeasance. Under EU law, directives are a set of instructions for all 27 (soon to be 28, when Croatia joins…
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Most small businesses can’t restore all data after a cyber attack

(Net Security) Almost one-third of U.S. small businesses surveyed by the Ponemon Institute had a cyber attack in the previous year, and nearly three-quarters of those businesses were not able to fully restore their company‚Äôs computer data. The primary causes of cyber attacks on small businesses were computer viruses, worms and Trojans (61 percent) and…
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Microsoft, FBI Slam Door On Thousands Of Citadel Botnets

(Dark Reading) A joint effort by Microsoft, the FBI, and partners in the financial services and tech industries has disrupted more than 1,400 botnets that were using a piece of notorious banking malware responsible for more than a half-billion dollars in losses worldwide. The operation, which marks Microsoft’s seventh botnet takedown to date, began in…
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Mandatory 2-year jail sentence for EU hackers a step closer

IDG News Service – Hackers would face a minimum two-year prison sentence under a new, draft European Union law approved by the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee on Thursday. Meanwhile, criminals responsible for cyber attacks against “critical infrastructure,” such as power plants, transport networks and government networks would face at least five years in jail.…
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Peer-to-Peer Botnets Resilient to Takedown Attempts

(Threatpost) The FBI, Justice Department and technology companies have had success shutting down botnets that rely on a centralized infrastructure and command and control servers to communicate with bots, steal data or send malicious commands. Peer-to-peer botnets, however, have proven more difficult to take down. More criminal gangs who ply in financial fraud, identity theft…
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Security firm warns of malware that touts the day’s headlines

(PC World) Spammers thrive on getting clicks and are continuously looking for legitimate and illegitimate ways to lure in new victims. Tragic events worldwide are not off limits to cybercriminals, with many capitalizing on these events in order to profit. The latest AVG Insights Report reveals how millions of false links were distributed to curious…
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