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Tag: Cybercriminals

Malware going retro in 2013, security firm finds

(CSO) Malware perpetrators turned to their old tricks in the first quarter of this year, a threat report released Monday by the cybersecurity firm McAfee finds. The report noted malicious trends that had gathered steam over the last three quarters of 2012 declined during the quarter ending in March, including: Android malware samples captured during…
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Ransomware Cashout Service Abuses US Betting Website

(Softpedia) Security expert Brian Krebs has identified a ransomware cashout service that abuses a feature integrated into a US-based betting website to allow cybercriminals to launder their illegally earned funds. Cybercriminals can make millions of dollars each year with the aid of ransomware, the malicious elements that lock up computers and keep them that way…
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DNSimple Hit by Major DDOS Attack

(Softpedia) DNSimple, a hosted DNS service that allows users to easily manage their domains, is currently being hit by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack. The first reports about a DDOS attack came from the company on May 31. Around one hour ago, DNSimple said it was experiencing a “significantly larger and sustained DDoS.”…read full…
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Android malware in pictures – a blow-by-blow account of mobile scareware

(Naked Security) Fake anti-virus, also suggestively known as scareware, tricks you into paying money by pretending to find threats such as viruses and Trojans on your computer. The scan to find the “threats” is free; the cleanup part is not. If you do pay up, the software then pretends to remove the non-existent threats so…
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Some companies looking at retaliating against cyber attackers

(LA Times) Frustrated by their inability to stem an onslaught of computer hackers, some companies are considering adopting the standards of the Wild West to fight back against online bandits. In taking an eye-for-an-eye approach, some of the companies that have been attacked are looking at retaliating against the attackers, covertly shutting down computers behind…
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2011 Internet Crime Report

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), in partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C), released the 2011 Internet Crime Report. This report provides an overview of the latest trend of online criminal activity. ECI board member, Donald Brackman, director of NW3C, stated that the report is…
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