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Tag: Hackers

Shady E-Currency Site Busted for Global Money Laundering

(Eurasianet) Four former-Soviet immigrants appear to be at the center of what federal prosecutors in the United States are laundering operation conducted entirely on the internet, according to an indictment made public by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York. On May 28, the court announcedthe arrest of Arthur Belanchuk Budovsky, 39,…
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CEPOL – European Police College Hacked, 14,000+ Credentials Leaked

(CyberWarNews) A hacker  using the handle slacker @sl4ck3 has contacted cwn with a recent breach on the European Police College site. (CEPOL) European Police College website(https://www.cepol.europa.eu/) was breached some time around the 26th may by hackers using the Zone-h name omarxarmy who have been using the defacement archive site just over 1 year now…read full article

Some companies looking at retaliating against cyber attackers

(LA Times) Frustrated by their inability to stem an onslaught of computer hackers, some companies are considering adopting the standards of the Wild West to fight back against online bandits. In taking an eye-for-an-eye approach, some of the companies that have been attacked are looking at retaliating against the attackers, covertly shutting down computers behind…
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New Infographic Portrays Motives And Methods Of The Three Most Dangerous Types Of Hackers

(Dark Reading) WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader in manageable business security solutions, today released an infographic profiling three notorious, headlining categories of hackers posing the largest threats to today’s businesses. Between a recent breach that enabled hackers to steal money from ATMs, cyber espionage claims against China and denial of service (DoS) attacks on financial…
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