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Malicious email that recipient is on “Prism watchlist” linked to just-uncovered espionage campaign

(SC Magazine) The group behind the “NetTraveler” espionage malware campaign is now sending emails claiming the recipient is on the “Prism” watch list, according to researchers. Prism is a recently outed U.S. surveillance program run by the National Security Agency that collects data from internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Apple. On Tuesday, the 9b+…
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Google asks to make surveillance orders public, cites First Amendment

IDG News Service – Google has asked the court overseeing terrorism-related surveillance programs at the U.S. National Security Agency to allow the company to publish information on the number of surveillance requests it receives. The Internet company, in a filing with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on Tuesday, asked the court to allow it…
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Surveillance thwarted stock exchange bomb plot, officials say

Washington (CNN) — Bomb plots targeting the New York Stock Exchange and the city’s subway were among more than 50 worldwide thwarted by top-secret surveillance programs since the 2011 al Qaeda attacks on the United States, authorities said on Tuesday. Gen. Keith Alexander, National Security Agency director, FBI and other officials revealed startling details at…
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NSA: ‘Over 50’ Terror Plots Foiled by Data Dragnets

(ABC News) The director of the National Security Administration today told Congress that more than 50 potential terrorist attacks have been thwarted by two controversial programs tracking more than a billion phone calls and vast swaths of Internet data each day. The attacks on would-be targets such as the New York Stock Exchange were prevented…
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While working for spies, Snowden was secretly prolific online

(Reuters) – While working for U.S. intelligence agencies, Edward Snowden had another secret identity: an online commentator who anonymously railed against citizen surveillance and corporate greed. Throughout the eight years that Snowden worked for the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency contractors, he posted hundreds of messages on a public Internet forum under a…
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Does encryption really shield you from government’s prying eyes?

IDG News Service – If you’re thinking about encrypting email in light of revelations about U.S. government spying, you may be wasting your time. Recent leaks about surveillance efforts by the secretive National Security Agency have sparked a wide range of questions during the last week over online privacy, or lack thereof, as well as…
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FBI director defends surveillance programs, clashes with legislator

Washington (CNN) — FBI Director Robert Mueller said Thursday that secret government surveillance programs disclosed by leaks of classified information have been conducted in adherence with the U.S. Constitution and federal laws. “The legality has been ensured” by the Department of Justice, and special federal courts set up to handle surveillance issues “ruled and monitored…
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Edward Snowden: US government has been hacking Hong Kong and China for years

(South China Morning Post) US whistle-blower Edward Snowden yesterday emerged from hiding in Hong Kong and revealed to the South China Morning Post that he will stay in the city to fight likely attempts by his government to have him extradited for leaking state secrets. In an exclusive interview carried out from a secret location…
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N.S.A. Chief Says Phone Logs Halted Terror Threats

WASHINGTON (NYTimes)— The director of the National Security Agency told Congress on Wednesday that “dozens” of terrorism threats had been halted by the agency’s huge database of the logs of nearly every domestic phone call made by Americans, while a senator briefed on the program disclosed that the telephone records are destroyed after five years.…
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Investigative Report: Post 9/11 Domestic Surveillance Is Big Business

(HS Today) by Dan Verton – A review of federal wiretap reports and information contained in several internal briefing documents produced by major telecommunications and Internet companies shows that post-9/11 domestic electronic surveillance has become more than a big scandal — it’s also big business. Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies have spent more…
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