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The Future of Steganography

Digital Forensic Investigator (DFI) News published an article written by ECI board member, Chet Hosmer. The Future of Steganograpy is an article that describes new and innovative technological methods used to hide information. The following is an excerpt of the article:

Our ability to discover hidden information during our investigations is vital, especially as new and innovative methods continue to evolve.

During the past decade, data hiding technologies have advanced from limited use to ubiquitous deployment. With the rapid advancement of smart mobile devices, the need to protect valuable proprietary information has generated a plethora of new methods and technologies for both good and evil. Most dangerous among these are those that employ hiding methods along with cryptography, thus providing a way to both conceal the existence of hidden information while strongly protecting the information even if the channel is discovered.

Many vendors provide excellent technologies for protecting the privacy of information for the desktop. In addition, many of the latest smart mobile platforms (Android and iPhone) include built-in cryptographic capabilities. What is more dangerous and difficult to discover/decipher are data hiding methods that exploit multimedia and protocol weaknesses to both hide and communicate covertly. These new techniques provide hybrid solutions that combine the best of cryptography with the best of steganography. The interest, innovation, and advancement of these threats continue to go unchecked for the most part.

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