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USB Malware

(Infosec Institute) In this article the author, c0d3inj3cT, looks at malware that propagate to other machines using USB removable devices. Unlike most malware which make use of vulnerable Network Services to spread to other machines in the network, these malware are specifically designed to infect USB removable devices.

c0d3inj3cT discusses in depth the methods used by a malware to automatically detect any USB removable device connected to the machine and then infect it. The infection routine is a topic for another article; here, c0d3inj3cT just analyzes the techniques used for detection of removable USB devices.

Such techniques have been used in malware like Stuxnet and Conficker. These malware make extensive use of Windows Messages and the Win32 APIs related to them. A good understanding of these APIs would be helpful while reading this article…read full article

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